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Maritimes Excursions

The area is rich in maritime sites to discover. Coral Hotel and its team organize the discovery of these places, in one half-day excursions .
The courageous fishermen who leave at dawn, will embark on a traditional small fishing boat, with the sunrise, and will catch their preys in the sea. Guaranteed results!
For the amateurs of swimming and photography, the Island of Kho Thalu is a small jewel of the Gulf of Siam. Departure in speed-boat, to arrive on a white sand beach, and to go to admire underwater fauna with mask and tuba . One half-day in the middle of multicoloured fishes.
Included in our program also, a superb trip towards 3 small islands (Kho Song and Kho Sing), followed by a diving in the middle of underwater fauna, then return towards Kho Thalu to rest on the beach. It is possible to pass in front of the island of Nok Row, or perhaps you will see how to collect the nests of swallows

Destination Duration
Bangkok, off the beaten track 3 days
National Park Khao Sam Roy Yot 2 days
Chaya / Sura thani / Khao Sok 2 days
Chaya / Surat thani / Khao Sok 3 days
Ranong / Burma / Koh Phayam 2 days
Ranong / Burma / Khao Sok 2 days
Ranong / Burma / Khao Sok 3 days
Koh Tao Island 3 days
Burma and Surin Island 2 days
Khao Sok and Surin Island 2 days
Payam and Surin Islands 2 days


Terrestrial Excursions (1/2 day or day)

Bangsaphan , large coastal traditional village surrounded by splendid cocoteraies is leaned with the mountainous chain border with Burma . Also the area offers it a multitude of possibilities to you to discover its superb landscapes, its traditions but also its economic and social life still primarily turned towards the cultures and fishing.
We offer you the visit (always in very small group) of Buddhist temples, caves often used as places of worship and an excursion to our interesting provincial capital. Burma, very near to Bang Saphan, is easily accessible. We will be close to Thai friends to collect a piece of their life; fishing , cultures fruit-bearing (pineapple, mangos, papaya, coffee...), plantations of rubber-tree with the artisanal manufacture of rubber , the use of coconut gathered by clever monkeys, the activity of the shrimp farms or rice plantations ...
The amateurs of still wild nature will be happy with the walk to water falls in the middle of the jungle or through the landscapes of mountain, with lakes and torrents, in edge of the birmane border.
The ornithological trip near marshes and rice plantations are also in our program, to find the innumerable species of birds which nest in our country.
Do not hesitate to CONTACT US, we can send to you a complete description of all the excursions organized by Coral Hôtel.


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